Empower Network The Online Revolution..Fact or Fiction?

An Empower Network Review

Thinking of being part of something that can change your life and the lives of others Explore the online revolution that is being played out right now.

In this Empower Network review  you will see what is quite simply the fastest growing Internet Marketing site. It was created by a pair of entrepreneurs David Sharpe and David Wood.

empower network review

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David Wood interview

They created a viral blogging system for the masses and turned it into a money making machine.And it has been producing millionaires (4 of them in 15 months). It has paid out more than 30 million dollars to affiliates in that time! Unheard of in this industry

Dave and Dave’s vision was born out of their frustration with two common problems with Internet marketing.

  1. While they were being successful their teams were not. They could not duplicate the results they were having down to their team. These guys really care about the success of others and hope that people can make more with their company than they can.
  2. They were tried of the grind as they call it. On the phone hours a day, training non stop. Selling a dream but living a nightmare, no time, no freedom, and tiny weenie commissions

In a very short time they were able grow their simple idea into a mega Internet business. The system is called Empower Network.

What is Empower Network? And Will It Work For You

First of all have no illusions that you will be rich overnight and the sky will rain cash on your head. But if you make a decision to be successful and take laser focused action, like many people have you can change your life with this company!

Giant income disclaimer updated daily

When I joined this company 12 months ago their was about a thousand Google searches for Empower Network and if you go to google  adwords that has increased substantially today to 40,000+ searches.

Just this morning April 11 2013 I got a status update from Dave wood on new member sign ups

2012 December 7255
2013 January 9486
2013 February 10033
2013 March 12594
2013 April 6333 <—- This is in 10 1/2 days!

Empower Network Review

Empower Network centers around a large membership site in which a person signs up and immediately has access to what Empower Network has to offer.

The key to the system is spreading the word about EN through the use of your own specially designed WordPress blog (the most popular blog platform on the Internet). By bringing in new members into your own personal network you will earn money.

The blogging system is setup and ready for you to post your first blog right away. It is optimized so you can start getting leads and making sales. Most people would struggle quite a while to get this right. Having this done for you is a huge advantage.


Your Empower blog is very powerful because this blog is Alexa ranked(service that ranks websites) at 406 globally and 167 in the US out of millions of sites on the web. So powerful! And you get this kind of juice for 25 dollars a month.

Second Valuable benefit to you is the first class training you can access to get you in the right mindset. Your mindset plays a 100% success rate role in your business. This is so important because in order to change your life you have to change the way you think.

You can’t think like an employed person. You can’t think like someone who has to rob Peter to pay Paul. You need to think like a successful entrepreneur. And how you do that is to listen and learn from successful people, through daily audio from the folks that are making it happen.(most of who started right where you are now)The Monday night calls every week will help you build your mind and your team.

Third really great benefit is the world class how to marketing training from 6 and 7 figure earners in Empower Network. They hold nothing back, the more successful you are the better. Empower builds people period.

Lastly but certainly not least is the live events every 3 months that build your belief and allow you to be around like minded people, positive, driven and changing their lives.


However, it does not end there; besides promoting your business through the powerful blog, you also have another way to generate a nice income stream.

Make extra income through 100% Commission Sales.

empower network review

To sweeten the pot Sharpe and Wood added another way for members to earn extra money. They put together five packages that are available for all members to purchase and to sell. Each of the five plans has its own unique compensation plan.

Here are the Five plans that are available: (click on the product to get a full description.)

  • ·         The Viral Blogging System  – One customizable, fully optimized blog site ready to post your first blog with.                                          So you can blog daily, promote that blog post and start earning.
    You might be thinking how do you promote and what will I blog about?  If so you can attend my 5 day marketing workshop where I teach you about the fundamentals  of marketing on the internet, it is free and a great start.                          Get Access Here
  • ·         Inner Circle Mastermind Membership – Mindset training library full of 6 and 7 figure leaders helping you get your mind on the path to a top producers way of thinking.


  • ·         Costa Rica Intensive – listen into a private mastermind in Costa Rica. It was very exclusive and very limited. In fact only 13 people where allowed  to join – and they each paid $2997.00 to attend.
  •            The Costa Rica masters  – A rare chance to see everything that happened that changed these people’s lives forever, at a huge discount…

Please note that to be an affiliate partner there is a 19.95 per month E-wallet fee this cover the processing of all orders and refunds. They handle everything and in this way covers the expenses involved in such things for you and your customers. It is simple to sign up(takes a few minutes) and get this service as well it allows you to have your commissions deposited directly into your bank account.

My Final Thoughts

I first heard about Empower Network a 12 months back and as with most new things I hear about I am very skeptical. I sat through the introduction videos before taking the plunge and signing up for a membership myself.

You can find those HERE

After signing up at Empower Network I started looking around for myself and I was really impressed with what I saw. The system is designed in a way that you can get started right away. The WordPress blog is created in way that is guaranteed to make you succeed in getting the traffic to your site and to help you bring in new members into your network.

If you are looking to jump start your profits from Internet Marketing, then you came to the right place, Empower Network’s products and compensation plans are set up for you build a great income stream through passive income and direct sales commissions.

My advice to everyone would be go to Empower Network right now and watch the videos and see it for yourself, you will laugh at how easy it really can be to create time and financial freedom for you and your family.

When you Join our team(Just click below to do that Now) you will gain exclusive access to The Prosperity Team and 2,085 in bonuses. Click HERE to find out all the support you will receive with these bonuses.

empower network reviewThank You so much for stopping by to read our review of Empower Network. We are looking forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with you.

empower network reviewBob and Cathy Uren

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